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You know the drill. You bust your butt nights and weekends to crank out a thoughtful proposal. The pricing hurts a little but you imagine celebrating the win with your boss. Then…nothing. Our enterprise-grade sales support lets you Get that Second Date!

What we do

We do the work required to land new business and check marketing efforts off your list.


Don’t let RFPs pass you by due to being too busy. With access to your senior sales talent, company information, pricing guidelines and previous responses, we will craft an enterprise-grade RFP response or proposal in short order. 


Sometimes you need a little extra bench depth in the room to close a deal. Our former agency sales pros will not only coach you before a big pitch, but can join you in the pitch, adding gravitas, a little gray hair, or 30 years of marketing experience.


Sell sheets. Sales decks. Email blasts. Category research pieces. Our team of strategists, graphic designers, and experience designers will craft custom, account-targeted marketing pieces that arm your sales team with the right tools to close. 


Editorials. Advertorials. White papers. Videos. Our strategists will produce compelling opinion pieces aimed at conveying your unique value and market leadership, using your brand voice and with your byline.


Broadcast. Email. Direct. Events. SEO. Social. Our team of experienced ad creatives will put together campaign plans,  concepts and pricing that connect your KPIs with efficient tactics that create real impact.


Our team of paid social professionals will help you create a super-targeted campaign on the social channels of your choice. Serve up targeted messaging to engage, influence and activate on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Aww, shurks.


Eric Weaver is a visionary with the distinct ability to connect the right components of inspiration, strategy, technology, creative, services, partnerships and financials to bring visions to reality. Eric combines deep knowledge and experience, consummate communications skills, marketing and creative panache and solid technological know-how to the development of winning and fruitful business solutions.

An artful and fascinating presenter and negotiator, he inspires, motivates and provides much sought-after insight and wisdom in the arenas of customer engagement, communications, digital marketing and technology innovations to the market, his Team and his Clients.

It’s hard to find a friendlier, more engaging, more inspiring, more passionate and fun-loving spirit than Eric Weaver!


I’ve worked with Paulé Wood for more than three years as my primary designer on the reader for the Kindle Fire and Fire Phone, as well as a number of ecosystem-wide initiatives.

Paulé has been an amazing partner, able to think broadly about the implications of a new feature across the Kindle reader ecosystem, as well as design the specific implementations for Android, iOS, Fire, and e-Reader platforms.


Over a six-month period, Eric Weaver built our confidence and convinced Nature’s Path Organic that we could no longer leave untapped the awareness building and shopper engagement opportunity on the table. He helped us set strategic goals, provided our team with new resources, collaborative partnerships, and effective tools that allowed us to soar. In fact, during that time we set communication handrails that made us the number one organic brand throughout social today.

Eric can see the future. He has a clear picture of what matters in building relationships and he is remarkable at pulling people together to get things done. He is a phenomenal listener who is generous with praise, open to tough assignments and strategically breaks through constraining paradigms by taking smart, calculated risks. He is a man who leads with honor, integrity and heart. Simply put, you cannot and will not find better than Eric Weaver.


Paulé Wood is naturally inclined to understanding complex systems and operations. Because optimization of everything is their driving philosophy,Paulé is a pleasure to work with during the design process.

Knowing what design technique or tool is appropriate for each design challenge fosters proficiency. They’re fun, and that comes across in their work in tech and interpersonally. I have worked on several large teams with them.Paulé is a central element of every team with which she works.

Their ego is determined yet accessible which is an asset when explaining concepts to stakeholders. To that end, they understand the value of brevity. Knowing how to work with a conference room of executives, seems to be their wheelhouse.


Recently, our organization reached out to Eric Weaver in an effort to better understand and integrate social into our communications and customer experience strategy, and he left our team engaged and inspired.

Like many executives, I’m looking for solutions that will drive our business forward and can truly have impact on our bottom line. Eric cuts right to the heart of this idea by focusing on tools and ideas that can make this possible.

My advice to any organization would be to engage with Eric Weaver first – no one understands the tools you’re going to need to succeed better than him.


Paulé Wood was brought in on the Android Bing Mobile app, and not a moment too soon. We had quickly worked ourselves into a hole trying to port the iPhone UX to the Android platform.

With Paulé’s help and guidance, we were able to switch gears, leverage the designs and controls Paulé helped us come up with and create a UX that has garnered praise from users and the press alike.

They’re hard-working, a great communicator and has the smarts and experience to have a huge positive impact on the customer experience of any project. I would not hesitate to bring Paulé in again and would recommend them to anyone that wants to make a bad, mediocre or non-existent UX, a great one.


As a client who worked closely with Eric Weaver for more than a year, I would entrust him with any large Marketing project – not just Social. Eric is one of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with – an absolute leader in the digital space, a true expert in Social and an all-around great guy.

From the beginning of our engagement, he was a partner in the truest sense – engrossing himself in our business and ultimately becoming more knowledgeable about the inner workings of our organization than many of us were.

He is more than capable of developing complex strategies but doesn’t shy away from then determining the necessary tactical pieces to execute it.


Paulé Wood is as adept at crafting thoughtful multi-faceted solutions to messy problems as they are finding the one, single, brilliant thing that will make a product or service work vastly better for its customers.

Like most talented people I’ve had the pleasure to work with, Paulé is restless in the pursuit of the best solution, and they’re both measured and passionate when working with colleagues and clients to find it.

I value Paulé’s wit, intellect, and work ethic.

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