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Imagine hiring some long-time agency friends who get you, to help you power through a crunch. Yeah. It’s like that.

24-hour production and account managers in your timezone

Experience across 100 large brands and 16 global markets

We've been in your shoes!

Our Story

We worked together for years at places like Holland America, Y&R, Edelman & WatchGuard. Seemed like it was time to work for ourselves.

About GSD

GSD was started in June 2019 by marketing veterans Mark Kammerer, Eric Weaver and Paulé Wood. The goal? Create a service to take pressure off of people just like us. People whose KPIs include Growing Some Dollars. Gaining Some Deals. Or Generating Satisfaction Daily.

To deliver agility and a wide breadth of services, we reached out to our global network of trusted resources and formed sales and delivery partnerships with agency teams in other parts of the world.

We’ve been in your shoes

No, really, we have. We’ve stared at a blank PPT the night before a pitch, sweating through the right words or visuals. We may or may not have broken a few speed limits to make it to the Fedex dropoff in time. We’ve practiced the pitch choreography until everyone was grumpy and then rehearsed just one more time  to make sure we had a win the next day. 

We’ve been you for decades — with spectacular successes, and a few *cough* mishaps *cough*. But we know the drill. We exist to help you Get Shit Done.

Our mission

GSD is your strike team. Experts who are invisible until you need us. Like Winston Wolf, we’re cleaners. When you’re stuck, we get you unstuck. When you’re dropping balls, we’re picking them up behind you. When you have no friggin’ idea how you’ll hit a deadline, we’re helping you hit the deadline.

Our Vision

Us, helping you be successful. You, getting your bonus.

For more than



And in

Large Brands

Global Agencies




Our principals

Paulé Wood

Paulé Wood


Whether considering their pedigreed training at the New York School of Visual Arts, their role as Creative Director for IBM, their days as a roadie for Skinny Puppy and KMFDM, or the fact they’ve led the global expansion efforts of Amazon Logistics’ Last Mile app, most people agree that Paulé Wood is an Experience Design badass. Visuals, UX, copy, or interface, Paulé has seen and done it all, for companies like Microsoft, T-Mobile, Eddie Bauer, Boeing and Expedia.

A native of Denver, Colorado, Paulé is also a personal and career coach who helps harried executives detox in exotic locations through their Professional Wayfinding practice. In 2016, they and their Mongol Rally team drove 10,000 miles from Scotland to Mongolia to raise money for charity.

Mark Kammerer

Mark Kammerer


Mark has been a passionate advocate for the customer and their needs. He has worked on global brands running their marketing and sales groups. He made the transition from marketing the tangible (cookies, pie crust, cereal) at Pillsbury and General Mills to selling intangibles (cruise vacations) with Royal Caribbean International, Holland America Line, Seabourn and with Expedia and Virtuoso (technology and travel professionals).

He creates strategies that support success for the people doing the work — because a personal passion is helping others to do their best work. On a personal level, he loves long car trips across the western US, visiting national parks, hiking and a cold beer in the sun.

Eric Weaver

Eric Weaver


Eric Weaver is the biggest sales and strategy nerd you’ll ever meet. He once sent a Mariachi band to a prospect’s parking lot in San Diego to play Devo’s “Freedom of Choice” and hand out fliers that said “Use your freedom of choice — choose us!” He has created some of the very first websites, first ad servers, first CRM systems, first social networks and first e-comm and social strategies for some of the world’s biggest companies.

Most recently, Eric managed a $550M book of marketing services business as a VP at Xerox. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Eric is also a big advocate of food safety and manages a IoT+blockchain traceability startup. His idea of detox is a peaty single malt and a Padron around a firepit.

Serious, super-fast & maybe just a wee bit irreverent

As we have been since we started working together in 1999.


We’ve solved a lot of client problems over the years. Here are a few of our favorites.

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